DK Domostroene JSC Burgas is a successor of the established in 1957 Construction plant, Burgas (with polygon in Pobeda district) for production of concrete and concrete structures. The enterprise was later transformed in House-building factory for the production of reinforced concrete panels used in housing on the territory of Burgas region. The production capacity of the factory is situated on wide area of total 197,510 m2, according to State Ownership Acts No 82/31.05.1996 and No 129/22.01.2004.

The factory is situated in Pobeda district, South Industrial Zone, with borders: North – Steel Structures JSC, South – Plant Protection (Burgas Shipyard) and Lesoimpex, East – Small Burgas Bay and West – Industrialna Str. The border with the coastal zone of the Black Sea has total length of about 550 m.

The factory consists of production, subsidiary and household buildings. Some of them were built before 1985 and temporarily are not used for production purposes because the production technology was moved to the so-called new House-building factory built in Southern part of the territory. Buildings are in poor condition due to the prolonged lack of ongoing building repairs and preventive maintenance work on the accompanying infrastructure; the following items are assigned to it:

  • The main production building – total area of 24,168 m², separated technologically in 7 workshops (18 m width), equipped with stationary machinery – 5 bridge cranes – 20t;
  • Covered storage area equipped with bridge cranes 8 – 12t;
  • Repair mechanical workshop equipped for making and maintaining of metal formwork and for repair of the technological equipment;
  • Outdoor storage for finished goods (total area 20,560 m²) technologically served by bridge cranes 12,5 t on four crane trestles;
  • Concrete mixing plants for the production of concrete solutions: old concrete-mixing centre /supportive/ with planned annual capacity of 55,000 m³ and newly built in 2007 with planned annual capacity of 140,000 m³;
  • Warehouses for bulk cement (silos) with capacity 3500 m³ and storage for inert materials with a capacity up to 4500 tons;
  • Construction laboratory equipped for testing of cement, inert materials, concrete, reinforcement and soil mechanics. The laboratory is certified under BDS (Bulgarian Government Standard). The laboratory has Certificate accreditation since 2007. Buildings and ancillary structures;
  • Internal factory roads, railways, engineering infrastructure and unloading facilities;

In 2004 the company Gebuplan Burgas Ltd. was commissioned to regulate the plot of DK Domostroene Burgas JSC for the future intentions of the company owners. We have this document (UPI) since 2007.

The cadastral plan of the factory territory, part of the cadastre of South industrial zone of the city is provided in digital programming model by the Municipality of Burgas. The company is managed by Board of Directors, Chief Engineer, and Deputy Directors in accordance with the provided management structure.

The average number of employees in DK Domostroene Burgas JSC in 2007 was 78 specialists and workers. Their distribution and activities are in accordance with the Production and technological structure of the company.